Isiliel (Himari Tsukishiro)

for a defiled world,
phantasmal beauty shining
for a wounded heart,
songs of anger resound

Isiliel is the solo project for Himari Tsukishiro (NECRONOMIDOL).

Mixing genres as diverse as folk, blackgaze and city pop via a worldwide team of veteran songwriters such as King Dude and NARASAKI of COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS, through Isiliel Himari will express hitherto unexplored depths of pathos and beauty on stage.

Himari began performing as a solo artist in 2021 and has already concluded two successful European tours including a performance at Sweden's NärCon Sommar. Her first CD single "Seizon Senryaku" was released in July 2022 and is currently available on all major streaming services.

Solo Idol